Important: Please Read What This Challenge Is and Is NOT Below
PLR: The Most Cost Effective Shortcut to Your Success
It’s Not Your Fault That Instructions for Using PLR Have Been Non Existent – or Thin at Best!

I’ve been selling PLR since 2006, and using it about as long, too. It’s one of the richest resources for success that I’ve ever known.

But too many people are buying it and letting their download sit there staring them in the face week after week, until it becomes a distant memory of yet another purchase that feels shameful and a waste of money.

Why? Because they don’t really know what to do with the content once they have it.

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What the Challenge Isn’t Going to Teach You

I want you to understand that every focus of this challenge is to get you working hands on with your private label rights content.

While PLR is used for traffic, this isn’t a traffic course. It will show you how to use the content and where to put it, though.

I won’t be teaching things like “how to pick a niche” or “how to brainstorm a domain and set up hosting.”

Those topics are outside the parameters of this challenge.

Built in FREE PLR Gifts

Never bought PLR but curious how to use it?

I network with a lot of PLR people and one thing I wanted is content for you guys to be able to work with AS you see me working with it onscreen.

So I put out the call to other PLR providers and asked if they wanted to contribute anything and they came through!

So in addition to my Survival SHTF Full Content Funnel (worth $65), these people have also graciously provided some complimentary PLR in a variety of niches for you to use as well:

Tracy Roberts and Susanne Myers of Piggy Makes Bank PLR

Alice Seba of DIY PLR

Susan O’Dea of Master PLR

Arun Chandran of Flaming Hot PLR

DeAnna Troupe of Best Choice PLR

And some of them also included a great discount coupon for their store, so if you end up loving their free content, you have a nice savings right off the bat!