Discover The Easiest And Fastest Way To Get A Book Published-Ready In 3 Minutes or Less
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These Simple Books Are Selling Like Hot Cakes

To create a journal style book, all you need to do is:
Step 1: Decide Your Topic

The ideas are limitless! You can make a goal oriented journal, you can make a to-do list type journal – you can be as creative as you like (they are fun!)
Step 2: Create Multiple Pages of Varying or The Same Text

Your journal can be filled with the SAME CONTENT on every page – it might even feel like a crime selling these books (but it’s not of course).

Doing this manually could take you roughly 30-45 minutes…and not to mention it’s a bit boring and tedious.
Step 3: Add a Border Plus an Optional Image To Each Page

Here’s what the final version might look like:

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