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Yes, that’s 33 sales generated from only 86 hops. That’s an overall conversion rate of 38.3% with affiliates ranging up to 56% conversions in the early launch phase!
You may also notice the Earnings Per Click ranging from a modest $1.20 all the way up to $4.06 per click.
4. Even higher volume mailers get great conversions!…

affiliate proof 7b
Notice that the upsell still converts at 37%!
5. I’m giving YOU the “Lion’s Share”!
I offer a 50% commission through the whole funnel. When you account for the fees you’ll actually make more on each sale than I will!
6. Customized sales pages are available.
If you are able to bring a lot of visitors I’ll happily build you a customized sales page so your customers/subscribers see your name and know you’re involved… This can increase your conversions by as much as 150%
7. I keep working to make YOU sales.
I’ll run a Facebook re-targeting campaign designed to convert the people who didn’t buy the first time around. This campaign is set up with “naked” links to the sales page so you still get credit for the sale!
As you can see, I can hold up my end of the bargain.
You send me your traffic and I’ll convert it into happy customers!
So by now you’re hopefully wondering when this thing goes live. Well never fear, I got you covered.
The initial launch will be a 7 day dime sale followed by a price hike (if for some reason it hasn’t already capped out).
The product will not be evergreen, so you’ll still get to push the scarcity of the price increasing and the fact it’ll be going back into the “vault” after the launch period.
You can get your affiliate link HERE.
And I think that about covers everything. If you need any help or I missed anything important please just reach out to me.

My entire goal with every product I launch is to make it a pleasant experience for everyone involved, so let’s make this one another success!