[NEW & IMPROVED] The Ultimate Traffic Solution for 2016 and Beyond

Here’s the thing about Instagram, and why it’s such a big deal:​ Instagram is about TRAFFIC. Unless you have a list of people who are interested in “getting famous,” the purpose of Instagram marketing is to build a big following, post cool stuff, and get a lot of clicks to the website of your choosing.

Sounds simple, and it is. Instagram is a traffic ASSET. Imagine having a place where you can actually generate free traffic, rather than waiting on Google to bless you with good search results or paying for advertising. That’s what Instagram does.

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Module 1: Instagram Basics
Getting Your Feet Wet: A Quick Overview of Instagram
Instagram is About Wish Fulfillment
Your Business on Instagram
How to Start a Business on Instagram
Finding Your Niche and Audience on Instagram
Reverse Engineering Success
Module 2: Account Setup
Elements of Username, Account Name and Bio
Brainstorming Your Account Name
Shortlist Your Account Name
Account Creation Overview
Logistics, Pt. 1: Create Account
Logistics, Pt. 2: The Instagram App
Logistics, Pt. 3: The Account Bio
Logistics, Pt. 4: Profile Pic
Logistics, Pt. 5: Verification & Next Steps

Module 3: Content Curation (and Creation)
Content Overview
Be an Account Worth Following
Curation Blueprint Overview
iPhone app for Reposting
Android app for Reposting
Mac app for Curation
PC app for Curation
Organizing Your Content
iOS apps
Android apps
Quotes and Where To Find Them
Module 4: Calls to Action (Getting Traffic)
Captions Overview
Tag Friends
CTA Templates
Mixing up Captions
Location Hack
Promos & Engagement

​Module 5: Posting
Posting from Instagram app
Captions Reviews
Hashtags, Pt. 1
Hashtags, Pt. 2
When to Post
Google Drive/Dropbox
​Module 6: Growth Strategies Revealed
Growth Overview
The Follow-Back Strategy
Paid Promotions
Instagram advertising
Module 7: Monetizing Instagram
Get Clicks
Mobile Optimization
Promo Overview
Creating Promotional Content