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We are professional web designers and internet marketers and we have been Amazon affiliate specialists since 2005. In addition, we have built numerous niche affiliate sites for clients all over the world.

We’ve also been working with WordPress since 2007 and we can confirm that WordPress is one of the best platforms to get a highly successful niche affiliate website up quickly even if you are inexperienced and you lack technical knowledge.

Luckily, installing WordPress is fairly easy, but there is a downside:

It is blank template:

This means that you need to locate and install the RIGHT plugins, get a good wordpress theme and customize it, find affiliate programs you can promote, find royalty free images. You also need to find royalty free images that may be free or paid for. Then you must configure it for SEO and so forth ……….

Depending on the experience you have, it could take you hours or days to get everything completed…….. and it all depends on whether you have done everything the right way.

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We have created a set of IM perfect WordPress PLR Amazon Affiliate niche sites that are easy to install and set up. They will certainly work for you.