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k and Debbie and Lina were in New York City feverishly soaking in all the information at this year’s Book Expo – this content is so fresh and hot off the presses. You will be receiving information that is HOT and actionable. The Book Expo is one of the most influential expos of the book industry and you will feel like they were right there after reading these notes.

Who took the notes that I am getting an advanced copy of?

Most of the notes were taking by Debbie and Lina themselves – we did not hire random staff to just sit in a session and take notes – this means that the notes are written in a way that it makes sense to our industry and highlights what we felt people need to know from the information that was provided.

Can’t anyone just go to the Book Expo?

Tickets to this expo are about $500 per person, plus the cost of traveling and staying in Manhattan for 3 days … sure, if you have $2000 laying around, and three days to spare, you can be there right next to us soaking in all this valuable information, or attend our mastermind, and get briefed by us personally and it will be just like you were there.

If I went to the Book Expo myself, did I already get what I would I get from coming to the mastermind?

No! Because the sessions happen simutaneously, and Debbie and Lina planned their day so they could hit all the sessions by dividing and conquering – you can bring a team to the Book Expo, sure, but then your cost to attend doubles or triples from $2,000 to $4,000 or $6,000!