Instantly Generate More Leads & Sales ‘ethically forcing’ Visitors To Take Actions As Soon As They Hit ‘Play’ On ANY Webpage.
New SMART player grabs your visitor’s attention then forces your visitor to make a decision.
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Engage Builder FORCES your visitors to take action while they
watch your video. Our proven technology helps you in two powerful ways:

You can engage visitors within
seconds of them landing
on your page.

You can increase conversions
and turn visitors into customers even
before they have finished your video.

Customize your pages and create high converting videos:

Use Youtube videos,Vimeo or your own MP4 files. Display Videos, images, Text, Custom Buttons or Optin forms with our convenient online tool.
Force visitors to take guaranteed action as soon as they start watching your video:

“Lock” displayed content for instant user interaction. Alternatively freeze the video and feature a powerful call to action engagement. “Unlock” content at any point of the video.

Make sure your customer sees it all by creating “stop and start” videos:

Thanks to our breakthrough “Intelligent Playback” feature, Engage Builder automatically stops the video when your customers switches tabs. When they come come back, the video will pick up from the same place and display all call to actions from before.
Use Engage Builder to increase conversions on all your websites:

Once you sign up you can use Engage Builder on all your websites including, sales pages, blogs membership sites and squeeze pages.

Use our ‘Page Engage Technology’

Build dynamic Call To Actions not only on top of your videos, but also all around your videos. Time your “engagements” with your videos to reveal engaging, stylish text, buttons, images, other videos or insert your own html code. Our system makes it ‘Drag N Drop’ Easy!
Customize your video according to your needs:

With Engage Builder you can create the ultimate video and match it perfectly to the theme of your website. Our master features allow you to customize everything down to the smallest details such as: Video Looping, Hide & Auto play settings, “Intro” and “Outro” feature for any video.