Wait… We Want To Make This Extremely Easy With These Two Extremely Valuable Assets…

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Dear Our Newest Partner,

We’re extremely excited to be working with you to make sure EZ Video Creator is a staple in your business, and we want to do as much as we can to ensure you get the most from the software. That’s why we’ve put together a fantastic package including the EZ Video Creator’s Pre-Built Video Agency website, which you’ll be able to take your videos and services and plug directly into.

It’ll be 100% ready right away so you can start making sales and building your business in no time. But it’s not just the website you’ll be getting. More importantly, and easily the most valuable part of this package is Matt’s Advanced Video Business Training.

This is the VERY training he’s sold for $500 and created success story after success story of people who built profitable video businesses from SCRATCH… Look at the responses below from those who actually went through the training and turned it into their own Video Business!

Step Into The Profit Powerhouse And Receive…
Ten modules of detailed training where you will see me go through the entire process of building your own profitable business
How to find thousands of emails essentially on autopilot
How to feed your funnel so it never goes hungry again (and the sales keep coming)
How to setup lead magnets to pull people towards your business
Zero in on highly targeted business owners with in-depth Facebook Advertising training
How to build your business from the ground up while doing as little work as possible
Secrets on how to get your message out to thousands of business owners inexpensively
How to turn a $500 video client into a $2,000/month recurring income

am-Packed With Features
Easy Install Process
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Interface For Easy Editing & Customizations
Built In Optin Form Collects Email Addresses Of Prospects
Several Robust Features Including A Built-In Video Player, Gallery, Shortcakes, Custom Formatting, & More
Mobile Friendly Design
Lead Magnet With Videos
Built-In Autoresponder System
Additional Lead-Magnet Videos
Paypal Integration
Shopping Cart
And More…