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I had stumbled onto a simple formula that was out selling and flat out embarrassing the online gurus who insisted you need flashy videos and fancy graphics to make sales.

I broke my system down into a formula that allows me to put these campaigns together quickly, and get them out and earning money fast:
Buy Resale Rights To Quality Software Products…
+ Ugly Sales Pages Using Old School Persuasion…
+ The Right Affiliate Marketplace
= Over $1 Million a Year in Income

I started teaching this method to a handful of coaching students to help them grow their online business. Their results, have spoken for themselves:

Sales Page:




Inside this tell all guide you will learn:
The Ugly Sales Page Approach…
…A Masterclass in ‘Old School’ Persuasion
That Has Generated Over a Million Dollars in Sales
Here is a taste of some of the persuasion strategies you will learn in this section:

My 11-step ugly sales page formula that will have you creating your first 6-figure sales page in under an hour – I’ve used this paint by numbers sales page approach to resell over a million dollars in PLR software last year alone. You’ll NEVER need to hire a copywriter or graphics designer again. (You can also use this plug and play formula to earn huge paychecks creating ugly sales letters for online marketers and offline consulting clients.)

The ‘short demo’ sales strategy stolen from late night infomercials – This ‘short sales page’ selling method is an easy way to create fast effective sales copy when you need to meet a deadline… It works especially well when reselling software. (I generated over $135,000 in sales with a single, 7-minute video using this approach)

How to eliminate writer’s block by creating a ‘feature outline’ – NEVER again stare at a blank page stressing over how to begin your sales letters. In 2 simple steps, you’ll have an outline that makes writing sales copy as easy as connecting the dots. This productivity hack makes everything easier to write including eBooks, sales letters, sales videos, emails, banner ads, and Facebook ads. You’ll get twice as much work done in half the time.

The emotional hot buttons most sales pages miss – People buy on emotion more than reason and the most effective salesmen speak to the prospects emotional Use my NLP ‘benefit formula’ to identify the key persuasion points in any market to make your sales material more effective.

Fact: Most people only skim your sales message – Learn the simple typography tricks that will stop skimmers cold, and pull them into reading your entire sales message. The best part is that these tricks DO NOT require fancy graphics and can be applied to any written sales message (sales
My Rapid Headline Formula™ quickly churns out 5-10 benefit driven headlines in minutes – Each headline you write will stop your reader from what they were doing and give your ugly sales page or video their full undivided attention. (This is the same formula I use in my highest click through Facebook ads, highest open rate email subject lines). The headline is the most important part of your ad… NO ONE will even read your ugly sales letter or watch your sales video IF you get this wrong.

The little known source of testimonials and customer reviews – Having other people brag about your product sells more than trying to brag yourself. TIP: Give away a few copies of your product on the right forums and you will be flooded with positive email and video testimonials within days from customers who tried it out. (Instant social proof.)

Prevent buyer procrastination from robbing you of sales – Many buyers that are sold on your product will leave your sales page and ‘think about it’… NEVER to return and complete their purchase. Knock them off the fence by creating a fear of missing out in your sales message and watch your sales shoot through the roof. (The best part is I will show you how to create scarcity without limiting your sales. You will have an evergreen sales funnel that generates income for years).

How to build trust and rapport with your reader even if they have never heard of you – My conditional guarantee strategy eliminates your buyer’s risk, overcomes any of their objections, and makes them feel secure sending you money, all without attracting the serial refunders that MOST guarantees do.

The 2 sentence call to action that makes the buyer feel left out if the don’t buy your product right then and there.

The BIGGEST mistake people make with their buy button design that causes readers to skim right past it – Use my ‘sore thumb’ button strategy to stop your readers in their tracks, and get them clicking on your buy button with credit cards in hand.