Self-Published Fiction Author Went From 0 to $66236.12 In Just 10 Months Publishing On The Kindle Platform.

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When each book launched I ran FB ads to a targeted interest audience to garner some traffic to the new release (bearing in mind this was a virtually new and unknown pen name). Overall I spent approximately $400 on FB Ads across the series = $400 ad costs.


As of today that series has made $5976.55.

ROI $5976-$700 = $5276.55

From one 3 book short read series!

My best selling series has made far more than that, and I have not even released the boxset yet. That one is a seven book series of short reads, each is 10-15K words, and so far it has pulled $12264.

Conservatively, the boxset will add a further $5-6K to that number.

In this 118 page report (there are lots of screenshots and pictures so again, don’t be impressed by fat numbers) I share the following things…

Meeting Your Market So You Actually Sell Some Books
Why Reinventing The Wheel Is Not A Good Idea
Why Being ‘Original’ and ‘Different’ Is Not Always The Wisest Avenue.
The Power of Short Reads And How To Optimize Your Books For Maximum Exposure
Why QUALITY And QUANTITY Is A Key To Your Success
Why The Long-Game Tortoise Will Thrash The Hare At The End Of The Day
Thoughts On The Importance of READERS, And Why They Should Be Your Focus, Not The $ They Put In Your Pocket.
Thoughts On The Tremendous Value Of WRITERS, And Why You Should Love And Respect Them.
The Balance Of TIME & MONEY In Your Publishing Business, And Some Ways To Wisely Invest Both.
Some Keys That Have Helped Me Attract Top-Quality Ghost Writers For A Great Price Who Are Loyal And Committed To Me And My Business.
Some Very Basic Genre Publishing Insights – With Recommendations To Some Genre Choice Resources By People Far Better Qualified Than I To Take You Where You Need To Go.