How we’re Creating SMARTER Customer-Driven Funnels Using A Secret Console inside Mints App 2.0 That Makes 10x MORE Profits & Double Our Lead Generation Automatically…

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The Same Secret that has allowed us to make $7,080 every 4 Sunday nights
for one of our local business clients who runs a restaurant and gross
$32,000+ monthly revenue for him with Mints App…

These results were only possible using the Mints App collections feature and
It Will WORK FOR ANY BUSINESS in ANY NICHE whether Online or Offline!

Now, even boasting an upgraded engine… imagine the power that comes with the ability to take any of your audience and drill them through your customer- driven funnel such that before coming out of the other end of the funnel, they’re already paying you money.

That’s what happens when you upgrade your access to the SECRET Console today and stay using building collections instead of just basic campaigns inside the Mints App 2.0 platform.
With this exclusive feature, you’ll be able to find out more details about your audience with just one campaign in a more interactive manner that’s so engaging and addictive they never get bored of it…

But with this Mints App PRO,
you can now setup a collection-based CDF campaign that will find out what kind of dress they love, the color they prefer, their dress size, the footwear they want to go with it, their jewellery pick for the dress, the preferred handbag and other accessories such as scarf, glasses etc.

Now, that’s one campaign but you’ll be able to use it and sell over 5 complimentary products as a bundle making 5x more money from a single campaign that with your basic campaign.