Have You Every Heard Of A Publisher
Willing to Pay You 500 Bucks Or More
To Promote Your Books On Their Website?
Even If You’ve Never Been Published Before…

There Are Literally Thousands
Of Publishers Willing To Pay Us

In just twenty minutes, I was able to find three publishers who pay for fiction short stories AND let their authors share information about their books in the author bio!

Those publishers pay anywhere from 6 cents to 10 cents per word for the short stories they buy from authors.

Let’s do some quick math…

Clarkesworld Magazine will pay you 10 cents a word on the first 5,000 words, and 8 cents a word for every word beyond 5,000 words.

So, if you are willing to write a 5,000 word fiction short story, they will pay you $500 for your content AND let you advertise your books in your author bio!

And, when you use “query letters”, you can get an agreement to publish before you write the first word of your story.

In another five-minute search, I discovered that Mashable has 45 million monthly visitors, and it has 29 million followers on social media. And, it is willing to let us publish articles to their website with our links in our author bio.

We are going to show you everything you need to know to put this strategy to work for you, so that you can get paid to promote your books and other products online.

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