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Sync Everyone Connected to Your FB Page to Your Email List Directly inside of Facebook Without
Them Ever Entering Their Email Address

100% Facebook CompliantConvert your FB page into email leadsCollect email leads AND messenger leads at the same time – automaticallyIntegrates & syncs with all major auto-respondersNo exports/imports or coding knowledge required

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Affiliate marketing is supposed to be a numbers game, right? Whoever has the biggest list wins …

Not so fast! Everyday we see people with small lists win contests and earn more than marketers with huge amounts of subscribers. How are they doing it?

Usually, with a LOT of work. Review sites, videos, custom bonuses. Carefully written email sequences and a whole lot more.

Well now there’s a shortcut that’s twice as effective as all that work:

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This tech works using PROVEN buyer psychology: most people need to hear a message more than once before taking action.

So it gives you TWO ways to contact each of your leads … with both FB Messenger and email!

Now every promo you send reaches people on two levels … Effectively DOUBLING the size of your list!

FB messages are impossible to ignore and have a 100% delivery rate. The email addresses this gives you are legit & verified by FB itself. Meaning your promos get delivered every time.

Ready to crank up your commissions without any extra work?

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