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Experience Between 50,000 And 180,000 Unauthorized Login Attempts Each Day.Experience Between 50,000 And 180,000 Unauthorized Login Attempts Each Day.
Here are 3 biggest security problems with using WordPress:

WordPress is susceptible to attacks and URL hacking
Hackers can use malicious URL parameters to reveal sensitive database content. And once they have this information, they can hijack your site and replace your content with spam.

Free WordPress themes frequently contain security exploits
You can install WordPress for free, use free plugins to add functions and download free theme files. Unfortunately, hackers lace these downloadable theme files with everything from undetectable spam links to malware files that infect a site once the theme is installed.

WordPress’s default login process can be easily hacked
WordPress’s default settings don’t allow for secure logins. This means a site running on the WordPress platform may be susceptible to “brute force” attacks.

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PressLabel gives you the freedom to display only the information and features you want your clients to see! This not only helps you cut back clutter but also presents a sleek, professional interface that’ll organize your menu beautifully! Now customize your menu, structure your submenus, reorder/rename/remove components of the admin panel. In short, you can just drag n’ drop your way to your very own personalized interface!!! How’s that for simple?!
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It’s your very own login page! Now this page is all about you! Impress with the very first look with a complete tailor made login screen! You decide what goes up on that screen… setup on a completely unique layout, this includes your logo, your branding, a background exclusively designed by you, and a style that’s exclusively yours! The bland logins of WP will be a far cry from this and never in the world will your clients suspect that this could