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Look at these shocking facts:

E-Learning is growing worldwide at an extremely fast pace. 77% of US companies currently offer e-learning in their professional development programs. (Source: Association for Talent Development)

Corporations are using e-learning as their second-most important method of training staff because it costs operational costs by 50% to 70%. (Source: TalentLMS)

The global market for mobile learning products and e-learning services reached 5.3 billion dollars in 2012 and revenues will be more than 12,2 billion by 2017. (Source: Association for Talent Development)

Developing custom e-learning courses allows creating immersive scenarios and reality based examples suited for a specific industry/niche, making the learning process more effective. (Source: ELearning Industry)

Creating online courses is an effective way for organizations or people to reduce their carbon footprint. A study by the Open University found that this method consumed nearly 90% less energy per student than conventional courses. (Source: Kineo)

A recent Forbesarticle stated that instructors that were surveyed on the e-learning platform Udemy made an average of $7,000 annually with their courses. (Source:

Online courses give the developers the facility to sell them from their own websites or through third-party platforms. Selling can be also made directly to teachers, as e-learning materials. (

The websites creator Nathalie Doremieux said that packaging your expertise and offering it in the form of an online is a great way to leverage your knowledge and make the most out of your experience and skills. (She Takes On The World)

Online courses enable developers and participants to quickly create and communicate new policies, training, ideas and concepts. (Source:

E-learning courses allow the developer to save money on monthly licenses or royalty costs, because he/she owns all of the content that is being used. This is good for low budgets. (Source:

The digital marketing strategist Johnny Beirne summarized the reasons he had to start creating online courses: Spend more time with my family / Train more people and charge them less / Reach more people without having to travel / Scale my business without any impact on resources / Make More Money. (Source: