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“Control, track, measure, and profit from your traffic with a simple but powerful system”

The best part is that with Simple Click
Tracker technology you can:

Rotate links
Split test your pages
Track conversions
Shorten your links
Create groups of links for easy organization
Create, track, and measure complete funnel conversion
Drill into traffic stats by date, domain, group, and link
Edit and manage dead redirect links
And much more…

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Links – Why You Must Start Using Tracking and Redirect Links

From this tab you will have the ability to quickly create tracking and redirect links, look at a traffic stats graph, filter your redirects by groups (affiliate links, blog links, social media links, etc.), sort your traffic by domains if you have the multi-site or developer’s license, search for links, sort clicks by the last and first click, and much more! If you plan on being in business for a while, any type of business online, you want to start using redirects from the very beginning.
Redirects are and easy way to control your traffic and get an idea of what campaigns are working and how to improve them.

Domains – Powerful Feature For Multi-Site & Developer

For those that pick up the multi-site and developer’s license you will have the ability to create your own link shortener, or have the option to create multiple redirect links for your various niche businesses or clients (with a developer’s license). This is huge if you want to have a pretty link that is specific to your various niche markets online, or of course for creating shortened links that can be used on banner ads, said verbally on videos, or shared easily online.

Groups – Organize For Easy Tracking

This is an extremely powerful feature of Simple Click Tracker! At, David has nearly 3,500 links from just that domain! They have groups like:
· Ads-Facebook
· Ads-SoloAds
· Affiliate Links
· Amazon
· Download Pages
· PDFs
· Video
It is extremely simple to add your links! You can even setup groups to track your Facebook links, Twitter links, YouTube links, Pinterest, links, etc. to help you better understand your traffic!