Want to Get Laser Targeted Traffic From Facebook(TM) for Less Than 6 Cents Per Click?
“After Years of Testing Ads and Training Over 9,000 Students, We Discovered an Unconventional But Duplicable System Used to Earn Ongoing Results Like $15,219.32 in Sales from Just $610.47 in Ad Spend”

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What is Social Funnel Pro?

Social Funnel Pro is a comprehensive 6 week training program that will enable you to profitably run Facebook(TM) ads using the unconventional but proven marketing strategies of NY Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas and Social Media Marketing Expert Keith Dougherty.

The program teaches several unconventional sales funnel strategies that are proven to be exceptionally effective with Facebook advertising.

Social Funnel Pro was originally a coaching program that students paid $497 to attend, but now the digital recordings are available for a limited time for just $27 $47 $67 (price increases $20 each day).

The program also includes the two proprietary software tools “Amazon Digger” and “YouTube Digger” to make the process a lot easier for you by helping you research and discover buyer intent for your market.

Who is this program for?

The program is for anyone who wants to get more traffic, leads, and sales from Facebook profitably without risking losing your account. This includes:

Product sellers
Affiliate marketers
Email list builders and lead generation professionals
Marketing consultants
Offline business owners
Book authors