90% of your revenue is controlled directly by what’s inside
That’s correct you heard me right! If you can afford a 90% cut in income then you don’t need this and should delete this. However, if you do need all of your possible income and have finally decided that now is the time. Now is your time!

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Over two decades in the automotive industry from sales rep to general manager, Syd Michael knows sales. He is an automotive sales leader and has worked in over 35 markets across the US and trained hundreds of sales reps.

Former publisher of Atlanta Cars Magazine Syd moved on to Syd found a successful marketing company; Spike Promotions, that serves the automotive industry helping dealers move thousands of cars using a strategic integrated system using direct mail.

He has recently added digital marketing to the mix bringing in record sales to all his clients even in the downturn in the market.

Since 2011 Syd has shook up the internet marketing space with his down to earth hard core sales methods focused on the automotive industry but applicable to all niches. If you have no sales you have no business! That is all there is to it. Syd trains his students to be wolves in a sheep filled world, giving them sales training that gets results.