I show my students how they can make $50k in 90 days.
When I first started IM I joined a challenge within my coaching program called the $50k in 90 Days Challenge. I just missed out on the $50k in 90 days but I wasn’t too far away as I ended up making $50k in 104 days.

Inside this course I will be showing my students everything that they need to know to take part in this challenge and set their sights on $50k gross income in just 90 days, potentially beating my own record.

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When Fergal Downes first started out as an internet marketer his coach set him a daunting challenge.

That challenge was to make $50,000 in gross revenue in just 90 days. Before taking the challenge on board Fergal had no list, no capital and no prior experience yet he still managed to complete the challenge in just 104 day, just missing out on the 90 days challenge.

Now, Fergal is putting the challenge to you to make $50,000 in gross revenue in just the next 90 days without any list, no capital and no prior experience.

He is giving you all the coaching, all of the support and all of training that you need to complete this challenge successfully in just the next 90 days.

So if you are struggling to get motivated or you can’t seem to find the right course and guidance to make your internet marketing career a success then look no further than Fergal’s $50,000 in 90 Days Challenge.