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I’m known as “Bob Ross” in the marketing industry and I make a living full-time selling LOCAL marketing. In fact, you could drop me off in Wisconsin completely broke (with my six kids), and I’ll come back within hours — pockets stuffed with cash and checks … using the exact same systems I’m putting in this guide today.

I’m probably one of the few product creators you’ll ever meet that does everything they teach, day in and day out. I’m working deals and strategies with local business owners at virtually any time during the day — not looking at traffic data or trying to come up with a funny slogan to put on a t-shirt.

I do it all using four simple systems that I’ve condensed for you in one product. I created these systems out of the need to generate business for my own brick & mortar business (remodeling), of which I started duplicating for others and inadvertently become a “marketer” myself.

Today I’ve got an office mostly full of $9/hr disposable employees making calls all over the nation and hitting the streets locally selling the EXACT SAME SERVICES. It’s literally paint by numbers.

And these very same systems have been working for other marketers for the FIVE years I’ve been sharing them. How many products have you bought are still relevant today as they were five years ago? And how many will be working next year?