Step-By-Step Case Study: How I Made $19,089 Selling ‘Ugly T-Shirts’ On The Internet.
I’ll just login to my Teespring admin area to quickly show you how much I’ve made so far selling t-shirts on the Internet using the Teespring platform.

Sales Page:




his is what the ”ugly” t-shirt looks like

After that, I posted the shirt image on my brother’s fan page.

I then started a $60 daily budget ad campaign with Facebook.

I went to bed…

24 hours later, I had 14 sales.

The next day, I sold another 14 tees.

This looks promising; I increased my Facebook ad daily budget to $120. 1 day later, I sold another 46 tees.

I figured, this is making me more money than I’ve spent on my ads, I just keep on increasing my daily ad budget every other day and let the ads run through the week.

My campaign ended, here is my stats

Another 7 days passes and my campaign ended, here is my stats:

– Shirts sold: 349
– Revenue: $4388.47
– Ad spent: $2649.30
– Net profit: $1739.17

Here is the money Teespring sent me:

$4388.47 revenue – $2649.30 ad spent,

I netted $1739.17 in 10 days.

I spent 30 minutes a day checking stats and making sure I’m on the green. That’s all I did. Not bad for a side project making me some extra cash.

Since I used my brother’s fan page for the campaign, I sent him $739.17 just for allowing me to use his ‘real estate’. The rest are mine ?

He’s my brother… no problem.

What’s more important is…