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Double the effectiveness of ANY sales video without increasing traffic or effort
Reclaim lost profits caused by outdated marketing tactics that haven’t changed w/ the times
Regain customer attention and uncover loyal customers you’ve been unknowingly ignoring all along
Deliver custom-personalized sales videos just like a pitch in the real world, w/ precision like automation
Create interactive video courses, reduce refunds and ramp up customer success rates
…and much MUCH more!

The First Drag and Drop “Intelligent Video Pitch Delivery” System
That Turns Your Sales Videos Into Smart – Quick Thinking
Automatic Sales Generating Machines
It’s Like Having A Real Life Professional Salesperson That Works Around The Clock And Never Asks For A Raise

The “Video Agent X”
Cloud Based Software
You’ll get instant access the “Video Agent X” cloud based software so you can be creating your first interactive video and start increasing sales & engagement just minutes from now.

Step by Step
Video Guidance
“Video Agent X” is super easy to use but you’ll also get several in depth video tutorials walking you through how to use the software to create interactive videos that SELL.

Personalized Support Directly From The Creators
We don’t outsource our support overseas for cheap. When you submit a ticket you’ll be communicating directly with the team behind this software, including the lead programmer.

Make more sales without any additional traffic or effort
You don’t need to buy a bunch more ads, and you don’t need to split test 10 different videos to find out which one works. VAX simply allows your visitors to choose their own custom video paths, keeping them at a point of maximum engagement throughout your ENTIRE video.
Host your videos for FREE on the cloud
You can use ANY video on Youtube, Dropbox or videos you host on Amazon S3. Just grab the URL and VAX will do the rest.

Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface
Although the technology behind VAX is complicated, using it is NOT. VAX has been optimized to make the creation of interactive videos a walk in the park for you, regardless of your experience or tech skills. When we say a 7 OR 77 yr old could use this, we mean it!