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This is the most advanced backlinking software out there.

Not just because it can build hundreds of links to each and every video in your collection.

But for the sheer feature-firepower you get with it.

Check out the list here (and the demo vid):


Here’s a few of my favourite features:

Mass account creator: Video Bookmarker can automate creating accounts on every site in its database – it’ll even confirm all the e-mails for you

Promote multiple videos at once: Give Video Bookmarker a selection of videos you want to promote, and it’ll choose one at random with every link built

Advanced crash recovery system: This is the mark of a great developer – they don’t think their system’s perfect. Crashes are very rare, but when they do happen, Video Bookmarker can pick up again right where it left off.

Detailed site statistics: See not just how many links have been successful, but the full details of every site in the database: PR, PA, Alexa rank, no/do-follow status and more

Multi-tasking system: Save a huge amount of time by setting the software to create a new profile at the same time as posting links

Those are my favourites, but there’s a list of over 20 on the website. Check it out here:


Pretty soon, this is going up in price to $127.

Right now, you can get it for up to 79% off.

But only for the next couple of days.

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