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Wasted Banner Clicks
Offer or sales page is not valid for the Visitors’ country.

Wrong Country Page
Visitors are send to the wrong country’s website or sales pages. For example, a UK visitor is sent to a US Amazon site.

Lower Conversion Rate
Without geo-targeting, your Ads will not be targeted resulting in low conversion. You may get high click through rate but poor conversion.
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Automatically display Geo-target banner ads based on a single or multiple countries.
Will display different ads for other countries.
Option to specify “All Countries” to disable geo-targeting.
Display ads on top of post content.
Display ads at a specified paragraph of the post content.
Display ads at the middle of the post content.
Display ads at the bottom of the post content.
Can specify alignment of ads (float left, center and float right) for each of the above.
Option to randomly display banner ads.
Can use shortcodes to manually place banner ads, anywhere in the post content.
Can display multiple banner ads in the specified location.
Easily change the size of the banners to fit into a given location.
Display banner packs at the bottom of the post (Below Content Pack).
Option to add title or short description for the banner ads.
Three sidebar widgets for displaying banner ads on different sections of the sidebar.
Three footer widgets for displaying banner ads on different sections of the footers.
Display animated modal popup.
Display ad or notification on the topbar.
Display slide-up banner or ads box from the bottom right.
Display full screen or interstitial ads.
Can specify when and type of pages to display the popup, slide-up and interstital ads.
Track views and clicks of the banners.
Can display videos, text-Ads links by entering or copy/paste HTML codes.
Can geo-target Amazon banner ads.
Shortcodes to display geo-location information such as Country, IP address, City, State, Post Code, Currency, Currency Conversion…