Get 4 Upgrades for The Price of 1…
Vulnerability Alerts, Scumbag Blocking, Developers Rights & More…

Get Instant Alerts About Site Vulnerabilities
Less Attacks, Less Scumbags & Pay Less For Life
+ Get Developers License

WP Site Guardian Pro upgrade is a pro-active anti-vulnerability & intruder management solution. Rather than dealing with problems as they happen the software additionaly manages risks before they become a problem. The plugin automatically scans all your plugins + themes & makes you aware of any vulnerabilities discovered.

This allows you to make any necessary changes to your/your clients websites such as replacing a vulnerable plugin before any attack

The software also bans known pests reported by the security community. This is the 1st proactive security product on the market

Auto Scans All Plugins & Themes
Emails When Vulnerabilities Found
Auto Updating Anti-Scumbag Firewall
Developers License
Zero Setup – Works when Enabled

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