Zon Boot Camp is a LIVE 6 week training series that has just opened. Watch over my shoulder as I build a brand new website right in front of you that could potentially be worth 6 figures when sold.

You’ll get to see everything including:

How to choose a profitable Amazon niche
What to look for when choosing a domain name (and what to avoid)
How to create your website using WordPress (no coding skills required)
How much content to add to the site
How to rank the website to get lots of free traffic from Google
Getting the BEST price when selling the website
…and lots more

There will be a new module delivered every week for 6 weeks. Each module will include videos and readable content showing you every single step in complete detail.

This means you can copy each step and build your own website as we progress through the 6 weeks. You’ll learn the exact process I go through each time when creating these hugely profitable digital assets.

Nothing left out.

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