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…Apply the Google Edition formula and see how quickly your phrases are indexed by Google and begin to pop up in their search results in days.
What you get with BINGY: Google Edition
You See, When You’re Already Ranking on Bing and Yahoo! Using Bingy, There’s Only a Couple of Steps You Need to Take To “Turn On” The Google Traffic As Well…
Bingy2 Comes With All Of The Following:
6 over the shoulder, step by step videos showing exactly how to rank on Google
Fast action PDF guide for people who prefer things in written form
Fast product creation PDF
Personal list of notes and links to the best outsourcers/service providers
Case Study and Ranking Proof
PDF transcripts and audio files of the main training

Follow this one simple system to “turn on” the Google traffic as well after you’ve got your sites ranked to the top of Bing and Yahoo!
The full Bingy 2 system so you can enjoy fast free traffic to anywhere using Google in addition to Yahoo! and Bing
The exact Google case study showing you how to rank on Google fast and free, copy me as I do it right in front of you!