Attention FB Marketers… Aren’t You Sick & Tired of Competing with Everyone?REVEALED: SECRET FB TARGETING METHODS

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Following the Broad Targeting Formula, You Won’t:Set up ads just hoping they don’t fail.Test 20 different ads at once.Spend a lot of money before finding a winner.Target the same expensive interests as everyone else.Create ads that don’t sell.Try campaign after campaign.Eliminate the sky-high competition – it’ll feel as if you’re the only person running ads!

Inside Broad Targeting Formula 2.0, you’ll discover:The secret FREE data source that reveals drool-worthy sick interests that’ll yield killer ads for you.Awesome ultra-passionate interests you can target like what your audience:

The special way certain interests yield certain ACTIONS… if you want to sell physical products, you should target a different interest than if you want list sign-ups… I don’t think anyone else is doing this… can’t wait to show you.

My free resource to find the most DIEHARD fans in any niche in literally 10 seconds or less. As soon as you incorporate this into your targeting your old ads will CRY with the beating they take…

How to manipulate the “AND” framework to get the most passionate fans. We’ll show you how to go deeper than anyone else in your niche – yielding the most successful ads you’ve ever seen.

How to double qualify your Facebook prospects so that you know they are hot. It’s easy to waste money with impressions that aren’t very hot prospects – this ELIMINATES that forever.

The BEST and most underground way to target buyers in your niche that you will ever see. And it is so easy: all you have to do is type 3 words, and you’ll get targeting of the highest ROI potential.

The best possible way to use the flex targeting framework to get the tightest audience of exactly who you want (must see).

Legally steal big brand research to get the exact demographics you need for your niche: age, gender, lifestyle traits, etc. It is ALL there for the taking… and I’ll show you were to get it.

Ever look for an Interest that isn’t on Facebook? I have a unique workaround that lets you STILL target those people… and I can’t wait to share it with you. It’ll bring you killer ad results.