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10 things They Are NOT Telling You About “Traditional” eCommerce

Platforms like shopify charge you $179/month for a basic eCommerce platform with pretty much an ugly looking store front.

Addons and Themes to make your store function properly and look like a decent , “semi-professional” store costs an arm and a leg. We are talking about $97 per theme and boat load more for Add-ons.

Shopify stores that are doing REALLY well have a proper fulfillment process in place with tons of employees and warehouses to store the inventory. If you are just starting out, then just this point itself should stop you from throwing money into shopify.

The stock you couldn’t sell will be left in your storage and you won’t be compensated for that.

YOU have to handle the refunds yourself and of course the customer service, disputes and chargebacks. Basically a TON of hassles

A LOT of market research is required before you find that winning product and start selling it to the RIGHT audience.

Of course you can use Shopify and use Alibaba to drop ship and pay $179 per month to shopify for that …..WAIT!!!!

e-commerce platforms don’t give you full control of what you want your stores to look and function like.