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ow much money do I need to get started with this traffic method?

Well actually you don’t need any money. The only thing you need to invest is time and effort.
q-iconHow much time do I have to invest in this method to get it working?

We suggest you start with 30 mins per day. If you can invest more, it’s always better. But you can also start small, take baby steps. The most important thing is to take imperfect action steps ;)
q-iconWho is this method for?

This method is for all peeps who struggle to get traffic to their offers. It’s not a big deal to find a good offer but to get targeted traffic – in best cases for free. And this is exactly what this product is all about. To answer the question – this product is for you if you are tired of finding easy to deploy traffic sources.
q-iconWhen do I see first results?

If you apply the method which is mapped out in the product like I teach you, you can expect your first traffic flood within a few hours and most important you can start making money online either with CPA or Affiliate Offers. The key is to be steady and patient.
q-iconHow can I monetize these Traffic Sources?

The beauty of these Traffic Sources is basically that you can use them either for CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing. They work perfectly for both.