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Quick, so you can make money today
Easy, so you won’t get brain strain or be embarrassed because you don’t understand the technical stuff (BTW, there’s no technical stuff)
Inexpensive, so anybody can do this risk‑free—less than a fast‑food meal
No equipment, so you don’t waste time and money and energy buying, installing, and maintaining temperamental tech stuff
No programs, so you don’t spend a fortune and hundreds of hours grappling with fancy software
No special training, so you don’t spend a lot of time and money to get started
No product creation, so you don’t spend months researching and writing
No product delivery, so you don’t need fancy/expensive/prone‑to‑crashing servers
No product maintenance, so you don’t spend way too much time fixing broken links and making updates
No customer support, so no refund/tech‑support nightmares
No refunds, so you don’t need to interact with sleazy, whiny, crooks and malcontents
No angry customers, so you don’t need to waste precious time and energy with life‑sucking people who’ll never be happy
No web programming, so you don’t need to spend years struggling with HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, PDQ, MILF, TMI, POS and all those other frigging annoying acronyms
No fancy computers, so you don’t spend a fortune and weeks of your precious time configuring some behemoth for your office
No video cameras, so you don’t spend too much time and money buying cameras and lights and microphones to produce laughably crappy videos
No special microphones, so you don’t struggle for weeks trying to make your voice sound cool
No editing software, so you don’t spend a small fortune and weeks trying to make your crappy audio/video sound/look half decent
No tracking programs, so you don’t spend too much time and money on fancy software you don’t understand and will barely use to see which ads work best
No sales letters, so you don’t have to spend weeks reliving writing and grammar nightmares at school, with the added pressure of trying to get a stranger to know, like, and trust you enough to give you money

You’re sick of struggling to make any money online
You want a simple system you can manage in a few minutes a day
You want a risk‑free way to make money that costs almost nothing to start and run
You want a system that doesn’t require any technical skills or Internet experience
You want a system you can understand NOW
You don’t want to buy any expensive equipment or programs
You don’t want to mess with your own products
You want to start making money now and learn the rest later
You want an expert to help you make money online