One-Click Setup, Faster Stores, Enhanced Security, And More With Your Fresh Hosting Account

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No file uploads. No messing around with databases. Fresh Hosting users get EVERYTHING done for them, just like business-owners should.

This Is As Close To Done-For-You As It’s Possible To Get
Maybe you’re someone who prefers to work everything out for themselves. Maybe you enjoy doing a bit of set-up work, and getting your store off the ground by trial and error.
But Fresh Hosting is for people who want the fast lane. People who just want to jump to making money as fast as possible.
Here’s what you get when you sign up:

Can I transfer my existing sites over to my Fresh Hosting?
You sure can. It’s worth remembering that using more than one host isn’t a bad thing – it’s one of the best ways of diversifying your footprint, which is better for your SEO. But if you want to get all your sites onto Fresh Hosting (and to be fair, it is pretty awesome), it’s as simple as downloading from one host and uploading to another. Easy game.

Can I run WordPress on Fresh Hosting?
Absolutely. And not only that – it’s a one-click install just like FSB is, so you don’t even have to worry about setting it up.

How about all the plugins and themes I want to use?
Fresh Hosting has all the latest technology, so no matter what version of PHP or what module a plugin needs,it’s available.

How long do I have to wait to get access?
Your hosting account will be set up in a matter of minutes, and you’ll get access the second it’s ready.

Can I use my testing subdomain for a live store?
Sure, if you like. We’d recommend using your own domain, though.

Does ‘unlimited’ really mean unlimited?
For you, yes. There’s a Fair Use Policy, but that’s aimed at people who want to use their storage and bandwidth to endlessly pirate Game Of Thrones. When that happens, we go a bit Tywin Lannister. But for your legit Amazon stores, you can grow your sites as big as you like, with as much traffic as you like. All the commissions, no restrictions.