Are you embarrassed to admit that after purchasing several “make money online” affiliate marketing systems,
you still have not made one cent?
Read this letter before you throw in the towel…
The information you’re getting is incomplete by design.
Discover everything you need to finally build the life you want!

Insider Patrick Taylor goes rogue to reveal the truth about why you’re not making money and how you can start turning that around today.

And the gurus are not happy.

Learn With Pat

“Learn With Pat” is a membership site that helps beginning Internet entrepreneurs, starting with little or no knowledge (or in some cases the wrong knowledge), build a firm base of knowledge from which to launch their online enterprise.

Something I have noticed over the years is that even the best training courses are very light when it comes to the “nuts and bolts” of putting the high level conceptual training into actual practice.

Learn With Pat combines that “view from 37 thousand feet” with the “in the trenches” executable steps to help you finally make your first dollar online.

Designed For The Novice – We don’t assume you are a marketing expert, have a list, have a product, or have a specialized skill set. We lay out the formula step-by-step.
Self-Paced Instruction + PLR + Perfect Value = “No Brainer!” The cost is so low you can make your investment back by selling just one of the PLR/MRR packages which we provide you with every month! And we’ll show you how to quickly set up and market your products!
Take Action Series – While you get the big picture overview from the portal, you’ll get bite-sized “Action Steps” to DO to move you toward your goal.

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