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What’s Included Inside Massive Shopify Conversion

Module 1

Clip 1: Store Set up
Clip 2: Design & Custom Templates for Your Store
Clip 3: Store Applications
Clip 4: Pixel Set Up

Module 2
Clip 1: Spy On Competitors
Clip 2: Product Research
Clip 3: Product Sourcing

Module 3
Clip 1: Adding Product
Clip 2: Adding Related Product to Maximize Results
Clip 3: Creating Catalogues and Tags

Module 4
Clip 1: Launching Your First Facebook Ad Campaign
Clip 2: Advance Facebook with Espresso
Clip 3: Advance Tracking
Clip 4: Optimize Campaign

Module 5
Clip 1: Advance Scaling
Clip 2: Sick Retargeting
Clip 3: Custom Audience and Look A Like Audi