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P1 Video Magnet Software Suite is the most powerful, professional website building and traffic generation system on WordPress.

With this system it takes just a few moments to turn 900 or more keywords into stunning looking, SEO structured and content rich posts on your site…

…all ready to bring serious FREE traffic from multiple sources.

With P1 Video Magnet Software Suite you get…

1-Click Keyword Importer – saves an enormous amount of time on keyword research 1-Click Post/Page Generator – turn any keyword or entire category into a UNIQUE, content rich page or post Built-in Content Quality Control – protect your website from any kind of Google penalty due to a duplicate content Social Conversion System – convert your website visitors into leads on your email list and more FREE traffic for your site Motion Technology – “read” the intent of your website visitors – funnel FREE traffic to the most profitable pages on your site
HTML5 Mobile Responsive
and much more

Here Are Just A Few Benefits You Will Enjoy With P1 Video Magnet Software Suite:
Speed of results… it takes just a few moments to translate an idea to a stunning looking and Google traffic ready website – and you even don’t need to know much about SEO!
Explore new PROFIT markets in minutes… look, it is totally OK if you don’t know everything about every single niche online. But it doesn’t mean you can’t make money from them. With P1 Video Magnet Software Suite you absolutely can. Just launch a brand new money site in any niche in minutes and start to get results right away
Scale your website in seconds… everybody knows this – there is a direct connection between how often you publish your content and how much traffic you get. With just a few clicks you can create highly relevant pages for dozens of long-tail keywords, all bringing traffic from Google and making you money
Eliminate your outsourcing costs… whether you are a niche marketer, SEO expert or local business consultant, no need to pay someone to build your sites. Activate P1 Video Magnet Software Suite, push a few buttons and you’ll have a completely SEO optimized and stunning looking site
Stop The guesswork… remove all the “I am scattered all over the place” and “I don’t know what I should do now” – instead, install P1 Video Magnet Software Suite, launch a content rich website in minutes and start to make profits online
Are you an offline business consultant? Perfect. Create a UNIQUE, high converting lead generation on PAY-PER-CALL websites and start generating leads for your local clients from every single page or post in minutes
Got some domains that should be making you money? Just activate P1 Video Magnet site on any domain and start to get traffic from Google and make profits
And much more.