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Mask & Redirect Cloaking

Premium Link Cloaker has two options to cloak your affiliate link, mask and redirect techniques. If somehow for any reason you can’t use the mask technique, you still can use the redirect option.

Automatic Keyword Linking

You can set & forget automatic keyword linking feature that will automatically links your content to your cloaked links. It’s a great way to monetize your content!

Comprehensive Stats

Premium Link Cloaker provides you with the robust data to see which links perform better. It gives you the ability to filter data based on specified link and time.

Sleek User Interface

User interface is designed to match with WordPress native design to cut learning curve. It’s very easy to navigate across plugin pages. It feels like it’s part of WordPress.

Link Sharing Button

Share your cloaked links to tens of social media right from the plugin dashboard. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Reddit, and more.

Link Category

Place your cloaked links into multiple categories. It will help you tremendously to manage and filter your cloaked links.