StickyPost Lets You Turn Any Regular Post Into An Image Rich, Fully Monetized Slideshow Segmented Into Irresistable Bitesized Mini-Posts

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Super Simple WordPress Plugin Will Allow You
To Ethically ‘STICK’ Your Visitors Onto Your Page, Create Buzz,
Engage Longer And Generate YOU More Revenue.
This Works On ANY WordPress Website, in ANY Niche!

So you’d probably expect the price to
match the value.

After all – with over 300 development
hours put in and 200 testing and UI
design hours – the cost for us to make
this plugin wasn’t tiny.

If you go by the potential profits, the
value is even larger.

Just getting your ads in front of people is
half the battle when it comes to making
money – Sticky Post wil do that for you

And talking realistically, I know, development
hours doesn’t mean much to you.