Introducing the Brand New Stock Footage Monster
Stock Footage Monster is gigantic Collection of High Quality Stock Footages Packed with More than 600 High Definition Stock footages organized into various easy to navigate high demand categories. High quality stock footage assets can cost an arm and leg in the market place but with Stock Footage Monster you can have access to more than 600 Stock Footages at an insane low price!

Stock Footage Monster Brief Features:

Gigantic Collection
The Stock Footage Monster is a complete giant bringing you more than 600 stunning high quality stock footages in various high demand niches.

Insane Affordable Price!
Stock footage can be a pricey item costing up to $50 or even more each in some popular online marketplace. But with stock footage monster, you can get more than 600 stunning stock footages for not only the price of one, but for a fraction of the price!

An Organized Product
Don’t get lost while searching for your favorite clip! All the videos are organized into different neat categories making finding the right clip a walk in a park.

Awesome License!
All the videos in Stock Footage Monster package are friendly for any personal or commercial usage meaning no more worrying about copyright restriction and complications. You can use the videos worry free in your personal or commercial nature project including using them for your client’s project.



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