SyncLeads is the easy way to not only instantly transfer FB leads to multiple autoresponders, webinar platforms, and membership software, all at the same time, but also includes major leads ads cost saving and business building functionality on top of that

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3rd Generation Facebook Leads App
Instant Multiple Targets Submit: autoresponders, webinars, membership software, and most other web apps
Built-In Instant Coupon system for Unique & Mass Codes
Universal HTML integration with Almost Every Existing autoresponder, webinar system, membership software, blog, web app & more
Mass Distribution for Facebook Lead Forms for FREE to Unlimited Fanpages with complementary synergy app
Average Lead Ads Cost Savings with Viral Leverage of paid and free FB lead forms through OptInUp integration.

Double click, or double tap on mobile.

That’s how easy it is to collect email subscribers from Facebook and add them to your email list.

They do not have to type anything or accept any kind of application.

All they have to do is to double click or double tap on your message, and you will get their facebook verified email addresses.

Hi, my name is Ron and together with the SyncLeads team, we have created the easy way for you to not only instantly transfer those collected subscribers to multiple autoresponders, webinar platforms, and membership software, all at the same time, but we have also added major leads ads cost saving and business building functionality on top of that.

SyncLeads allows you to skyrocket both your subscription rate and instant sales with built-in coupon system.

It also allows you to massively lower your average cost per lead with viral leverage of paid leads ads, which lets you get large number of free leads per each of paid lead, and to post facebook native lead ad forms to unlimited facebook fan pages without paying anything for them at all.

Syncleads software works for both those who advertise on Facebook by using paid leads ads, and for those who prefer only free version of it.

If you use paid Facebook lead ads, your already know that it is the best and the least expensive way to get laser targeted subscribers, but it does not mean that you should just settle on paying for leads without leveraging the very same dollars in order to get great multiple of free leads for each paid.

But if you just want to use SyncLeads with free Facebook lead ad forms you come to the right place, too.

Not only SyncLeads complementary synergy app can take care of massive distribution of your free lead ad form to unlimited facebook properties, but by using the 2nd app with which SyncLeads is integrated with, you can put those leads forms on overdrive with viral mechanics, about which I tell you later in this video.

With SyncLeads your are not limited to either paid or free lead ads but you can use both at the same time, which would even give you extra facebook reach boost on top.

Now let me tell you exactly why SyncLead is way better technology than any other similar software out there, and why it can bring your business to next level regardless if you use paid, or free lead ad forms distributed by synergy app which comes with SyncLeads.

As soon as Facebook released lead ads last year, the first generation of apps was created in a hurry to unlock transfer of leads from facebook to autoresponder.

Those apps were created to solve the problem with Facebook delivering leads just as csv file download.

Because most autoresponders limit and often reject manually uploaded leads, and because prospects expect instant first reply to convert, leads ads where practically unusable for direct marketers without the facebook-to-autoreponder transfer app.

Those first generation apps did solve the big problem, but as time passed marketers noticed that as great as the simple lead transfer is, it does not really help them with building the business besides having the leads moved to autoresponder.

That need spurred a handful of 2nd generation apps with added isolated features, such as coupons or multiple autoresponders submit on top first generation layer, but because of very limited improvements and spread of features between different apps, it was only a slight improvement on generation one.

SyncLeads is the very first 3rd generation app, which is not just a pipe for leads flow, but provides a complete 360 marketing solution for Facebook lead ads on top of it.

The SyncLeads software has a full set of built-in business building features, and needed integrations, to enable you to take full advantage of multiple autoresponder & webinars leads submission, individual & mass coupon system, free viral leverage of paid ads, lead form subscribe action boosters, segmentation, lead magnets, rewards, contests, sweepstakes, surveys, free facebook lead form distribution through complementary synergy app, and full leads backup protection.

Our team has also recognized the need of many marketers to not only use unlimited lead ads for one facebook account, but also to be able to use unlimited facebook accounts from one dashboard.

Marketers who need unlimited facebook accounts are both those who want to use Syncleads for separate brands, and Agencies who service customers facebook advertisements needs.

Now, please let me tell you about all the amazing SyncLeads features.

The base SyncLeads feature of the software is to instantly transfer leads from Facebook to autoresponders.

That base feature is vastly improved in SyncLeads software to include submission of leads to multiple autoresponders, webinar systems, and memberships platforms all at the same time.

Transfer to multiple targets it not only a convenient feature, but a real “must have” for removing limits on your marketing campaigns and on the way you engage and convert prospect.

I will give you an eye opening example on how you can use that feature together with another key feature, right after I tell you about SyncLeads integration with autoresponders, webinars, and memberships platforms.

SyncLeads software supports most popular autoresponders through API integration and GoToWebinar.

While the number supported APIs increases on monthly basis, the most important fact is that SyncLeads already supports almost all existing autoresponders, webinar systems, membership platform, blogs, and other web software with html post integration.

As great as direct support for most popular autoresponders through API is, there is only limited number of them being popular enough to be integrated with.

On the other hand there, is an ocean of custom autoresponders, webinar platforms outside of gotowebinar, membership software, blogs, and other web software which are the other 99% of the web, and for which either there is no API, or there is not enough users or development capacity to integrate with individually.

Now, let me give you an example how powerful the combination of multiple target lead transfer and html integration is.

Imagine that your normal business model is to build a list, then convince subscribers to sign up for a free trial of your paid membership, and then invite your free members to join pre-recorded webinar event, where you convert them from prospects to buyers.

Now, imagine how effective it can be, and how much high earning per lead you can reach, if you can do that all in one step instantly.