Fitness Professionals Are Paying Over $1,500 To
Anyone Who Can Solve This Common Problem…

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The Fitness Center Consulting Formula WSO by Luther Landro is Best Consulting Business Formula for Fitness Center and Gym for automatic billing management systems and case study that breaks down my sales process to these businesses. Over the past year Luther has been collecting $1,500 payments from small Gym owners to solve a very common problem. Most of them do not have an automatic billing solution for their members. It’s as simple as offering to set up a WordPress based billing for a flat fee. The nearest competitor for fitness centers costs around $50,000 so charging them $1,500 or heck even $10,000 is a bargain. The best part is that the software does all the actual work, and can even implement a ‘refer a friend’ program that helps to grow the Gym’s membership. Luther has been selling via email, but you can also set up a demo and just walk into any Gym to show it off. Luther find Gym owners are VERY receptive, even the ones that don’t buy are friendly and usually give me a referral. The Fitness Center Consulting Formula WSO by Luther Landro affordable billing software, along with the built in ‘refer a friend’ system has the potential to SAVE the smaller studios around the country. There is a fortune to be made in saving struggling businesses like these. Like most opportunities, the go-getters who get in early are the one’s who profit the most. YOU can be one of the first consultants to offer this salvation to struggling small Gym owners.