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Easily create powerful tweetable quotes

Tweet Viral is the easiest way to create and embed tweetable quotes in your blogs. Simply choose a template, customize it with your quote and author name and then select on which page to display it. It takes less than a minute to set up a tweetable quote with Tweet Viral!

Add to posts, pages and categories

The only way to get traffic from Twitter is to get people to actually TWEET your content. So you need to format a piece of your content into a 140 characters message such as an expert quote, a key blog take away or a statistic.

Add images to increase conversions

“I’ve learnt a new trick. In the Click to Tweet I include an image… My reach is 84% higher. For a small blogger like me, getting 10 people a day to Tweet and getting another 8.4 to RT that is huge.” – Matt Mc Williams

Tweet Viral has a “hidden image” feature built-in so you can attach any images to your tweetable quotes for a bigger impact!