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Take what you have seen online with video, and re-imagine it…
Imagine a powerful online video creator that is so advanced it can convert your current videos into 3D with just a click.

When you watch a video in a player, have you imagined ways it could be any more engaging without changing the video content.
We did too.
Thats why with Video Enigma you can put your video into a fresh new engaging interactive video player.

Looking to improve your user experience, we have revolutionised that as well with an inbuilt assistant within your player. A review system allows a community to encourage action from inside your video.

Included are the must have tools such as social media integration, retargeting friendly and more Video Enigma is everything you’ve ever imagined and much much more!

Take a look at what you can do with VideoEnigma:

Create 3D Videos
At the click of button, our powerful 3D system will change your video to be 3D compatible, creating stunning visuals for anyone viewing on 3D devices!
This never before seen technology will capture your customers in right from the word go!

Real Time HD Filters
HD Filters Blurb Here

Powerful Stat Center
There is no better way to judge your pages performance than details statistics, our powerful stat center gives you a dashboard full of needed statistics to help you judge your pages performance giving you that crucial edge in a competitive market place!

Retargeting Friendly System
VideoEnigma has been built to be retargeting friendly allowing you to simply paste retargeting code into a box, and get your campaigns running through google and social media to zero in on any escaped visitors. This gives you the power to plug up any holes that may be leaking your business profits ensuring VideoEnigma is the ultimate solution for engaging buyers, even after they leave your site!

Optimized For Killer SEO Results
Skyrocket your rankings by putting in your specialist keywords in our SEO keyword box. Use those keywords that relate most to your potential clients to ensure your vidCreate site is relevant and ranks higher in search engine results bringing you even more customers

Secure Cloud Hosting
With VideoEnigma hosted securely on the cloud, you simply log in from any location from your browser and boom. You can get creating. There is no simpler solution with so much flexibility than that!

Easy Video Embed
Embed videos from VideoEnigma right inside your page. Grab the embed code and paste it into your page, bringing the alluring VideoEnigma engagement tools to life right in front of your webpage visitor!

Highly Customisable
Add background music tracks, make your video 3D compatible, engage with a virtual assistant, put your video in a floating player. The possibilities to create a fresh engaging approach with VideoEnigma are endless! You think you have seen it all when it comes to video, think again!