My Best Amazon Affiliate Conversion Tweaks, Tips, and Tricks
That Drastically Increased My Earnings
and Give Me Daily Earnings Like You’ll See Below

jennifer-ledbetter-authorHello and welcome! My name is Jennifer Ledbetter – known online as ‘PotPieGirl’. I’ve been an Amazon affiliate since 2007 and I LOVE it.

I’m also a ‘test-a-holic’ – I love testing new ideas and strategies that can help us all do better and most importantly – EARN more.

All throughout 2015, I tested many little tweaks and strategies to help improve my clicks and conversions as an Amazon affiliate.

Inside this guide are the results of what works best for me and earns me more money as a result.

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We’re talking simple things anyone can do. For example:
the best place to put your links (always do this!)

a certain KIND of image that works amazingly well

how to “tweak” links so they get clicked a LOT more

a simple tweak to really amp up sales from mobile traffic

a certain color that really increases CTR

and much, much more